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'The Statue at Tsarskoe Selo' by Cesar Cui

Performed by Stella Seaton-Sims (mezzo-soprano) & Michael Jones (piano)

'The Rose' by Nicolai Medtner

Performed by Stella Seaton-Sims (mezzo-soprano) & Matthew Munro (piano)

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Espressivo (Concert Promoters) -

'Leominster Recital has Audience Walking on Sunshine' - Hereford Times -

Lion Ballroom Concert, Leominster - 'In the Sunlight' full review -


Stella playing the piano at the BBC! -

Update 9th October 2017

Future Concerts:

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For Information

Stella Seaton-Sims and Phillip Ypres-Smith (piano) will be performing on

Saturday 28th October 2017


The Rotary Club of London International Service Committee Annual Charity Dinner

to be held at

The East India Club

16 St. James's Square



Stella has performed at:

The Mansion House London

See 'Interesting Information' section for more details of this prestigious concert event and a recording of Stella the pianist!

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